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The best brands of baby’s clothing and footwear to accompany his first moments

In our online store you will find a baby's tracksuit, both if he’s a boy or a girl, composed of a top part and trousers. The tracksuits that triumph the most in our  online store belong to adidas and Nike brands with modern designs to make our babies very handsome. Complete his/her style with some booties for recently born or some baby’s sneakers so they can start making their first steps.
At Shopping in Ibiza we put at your disposal the best brands of baby’s clothing and footwear to accompany his/her first moments. Buy online baby’s clothing and sneakers of the first brands like adidas, Nike or Converse and make sure you buy the best for your little one. The baby’s tracksuit you will be able to buy at Shopping in Ibiza are very comfortable for babies from 0 to 3 years old as they contain three buttons on the top part that will allow you to dress your baby very comfortably. The trousers with their elastic waist are very easy to raise and lower in order to change your baby’s diaper easily.
A very important doubt will rise at the moment of purchase at Shopping in Ibiza, specially when choosing footwear, is choosing the right size. Buying the right size is very important for your baby to learn to walk without any type of restriction or discomfort. To buy the size he/she needs you will always need to leave a finger space between the shoe’s tiptoe and the baby’s big toe. You should never buy a bigger size than the size your baby needs, as it could be harmful for his/her proper development.

Shopping Centers La Sirena and Art: who are we?

We are a company from the island of Ibiza with multibrands shops named la Sirena (in the municipalities of Ibiza and San Antonio) and Art (in Santa Eulalia). We inaugurated our first shop La Sirena in San Antonio in 1964, very frequented by the first tourists visiting our dearest island. The first Art shop, opened in the center of Santa Eulalia village in 1966, very frequented both by tourists and Ibiza residents in that area.
Currently we have more than 50 years of experience offering the best quality of our products and services to our customers and we became a commercial reference with 24 shops on the island of Ibiza and one recently opened in the center of Palma (Mallorca). Our commitment is to be close to our customers and be able to offer the best brands in fashion items, footwear and accessories for adjusted price. We are official distributors of these brands and in our shopping centers we count more than 100 national and international brands of casual and sports fashion, accessories, perfumery, cosmetic products, toys and everything you need to enjoy our wonderful beaches. If they’re not in Ibiza or Mallorca, don’t worry, because you will be able to buy them at Shopping in Ibiza, our online store, with which we make shipments to the Balearic Islands and the Mainland (Spanish Peninsula), Portugal and European countries.