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Babie's footwear

Discover the latest novelties of baby's footwear, booties and sneakers for his/her first steps with comfort, in our online store. Your baby will love his/her first sneakers! All our footwear for babies is very cute and it shows off an incredible style. The baby's footwear from our online store offers you maximum quality and presents very colourful and eye-catching designs. We even have models like Stan Smith or Superstar from adidas, which are also available in the adult's sports section and you can go out wearing the same shoes.

Booties, sneakers and sandals for babies: first steps with comfort and safety

With the baby's sneakers your little one will take his/her first steps with comfort and safety. He/she will be protected and safe while learning to walk. At Shopping and it we put at your disposal booties from 16 to 19 size, with soft sole; and rigid sole sneakers for the first steps, and velcro closure or elastic laces in order to put and remove easily. For a bit older ages velcro closure allows them to learn how to put on their shoes on their own, and it will be easier when changing to lace sneakers.

Get the right size for children's footwear

Choosing the correct size of children's footwear is vitally important for them to learn to walk without problems. Many mums and dads think that buying a bigger size for their children's footwear is better because they will last longer. The truth is that buying children a smaller or a bigger size than they really need can be harmful for their correct development, not to mention the discomfort they will feel when wearing them. How do we choose the right size of children's footwear? Put the shoes you want to buy, on his/her foot and leave a finger space between the shoe's tiptoe and the beginning of his/her big toe.

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