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Men’s sportswear

At Shopping in Ibiza you will find a great selection of male sportswear that will accompany you in your daily workouts in the gym, the Crossfit boxing or while practising running. Here you can buy online renowned brands of the sports world such as Nike, adidas, Reebok, Puma or Joma.

Workout with the best style

The men's sportswear you wear during your workouts will set your pace. Therefore, it is very important to choose well which clothes you will wear and adapt it according to the sport you are going to practice.
Each sport has its own style standards: for your fitness classes you will surely need shorts, a lightweight and breathable T-shirt and your sneakers. For running in winter, you'd better wear a long tracksuit, a breathable T-shirt underneath, good compression socks and the best running shoes. Instead, for your cross-training workout, a slightly less loaded outfit would be better: lightweight tank tops, shorts, high socks to avoid chafing and shoes for high intensity workouts. Everything you need for practising your daily sport you will find it at Shopping in Ibiza.  
We used to be able to train with any garment in our wardrobe, but now we have to train in the best style and with the right clothes to give everything of ourselves when we exercise. Male sportswear has marked a milestone in history and caused so much furor that there are even men who wear it to show off a sporty look on the street, in their daily life or even in the office. But let's go back to the sporting world, when it comes to exercise we have to think very well about what clothes we are going to wear and this will depend on several factors: the time of year, the type of sport we are going to practice and our personal style. In summer we will usually choose sports T-shirts and sports shorts. Training clothing is usually made with technology that allows breathability and prevents odors. If it's your thing to go to the gym to crush your muscles, a sports tank top will be a good option. If you prefer to go for a run in winter, some trousers, a sports hoodie or even a two-piece tracksuit will protect you from the cold in order to be able to make kilometers and more kilometers without going cold.

La Sirena and Art,very involved with the grassroot sport of Ibiza

At La Sirena and Art we are very involved with the sports world and, above all with the grassroot sport of the Island of Ibiza. We carry out sponsorships and anual collaborations with activities and sports events that are held on our Island. Our favourite sports are football, basketball, handball and running.
In our shopping centres you will find a wide range of fashion, footwear and sports accessories at your disposal and some of our shops have embroidery and stamping machines for sports items.

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