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Women’s sports footwear

The women’s sports footwear section is the favourite one for those sports women, active, sport, running, gym routines, adventure lovers. At Shopping in Ibiza we know that to perform a workout is basic and vital to stay fit, live a healthy lifestyle and feel good inside and outside. Therefore we put at your disposal the best women’s sports footwear brands, at the best price. You can find adidas or Nike running sneakers; if you are one of the ones that prefers a fitness class, some Reebok or Puma sneakers; if your thing is to walk and discover new landscapes, get some Skechers sneakers, that apart from being beautiful, they are comfortable and they’r4e made with tiptoe technologie in order to avoid any type of muscle or joint injuries.

Running sneakers: equip yourself for the most popular sport

Running has become one of the most practiced popular sports in the world for men and women. If you are a runner, the women’s running sneakers are essential to improve your daily sensations and achieve your best marks upon reaching the finish line. At Shopping in Ibiza you will find the best brands specialized in running sneakers design, like adidas, Nike or On Cloud, among others. The women’s running footwear it’s often lightweight, comfortable and made of both breathable mesh and synthetic reinforcements in order to provide durability. Cushioning for this type of footwear has to be excellent inorder to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Running sneakers are also appropriate for those sporadic runners or the ones that prefer running on the treadmill in the gym. If the design and incredible colours combination is what you like about this footwear, you will also be able to wear it with some jeans or leggings to show off a sporty look.

What you should never do when washing your sports sneakers

The sneakers care is just as important as your garments. Sneakers are made of sensitive fabrics and materials and to unite the different parts that make the footwear glues and sewings are used that can be harmed if we don’t wash our sneakers correctly. This is what you should never do when washing your sneakers:
-Never wash your sneakers in the washing machine. Putting them in water is very harmful for stickers and the surface fabric.
-Do not use bleach. Always use laundry detergent or soap and apply it on a sponge or brush
-Do not dry the footwear in the tumble drier, or close to a heater, though heat can harm them. It’s best to let them dry outside

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